Why Medi-Kits


Because it is hands down the best quality kit at the lowest price. If value is important  to you, our kits are absolutely the best choice for your practice. 

Medi-Kits has been providing kits to the industry 30 years. And in particular we supply one of the biggest names in eye care with the bags for their kits. So we produce these in tremendous volume giving us a pricing competitiveness that is unmatched. 

We have been decorating post-op kits with Eye Care Professionals logos since 1998 and, frankly, we're really good at it and have achieved an unmatched efficiency. 

Our components are designed and developed by us with your patients needs in mind and you will discover that they are as good or better than what you may have used in the past. 

The kit above is our Cataract Kit 1 and is made from premium leatherette material. We have less expensive kits and those also provide unparalleled value and variety. If you compare apples to apples such as our Cataract Kit 3 which is fairly ubiquitous you will find our pricing beats the competition without sacrificing quality.

Below are some of the best kits we sell and you're sure to find the one that best meets your needs. 

Cataract Kit #1: Leatherette with Glasses, Shield and Tape. 

Cataract Kit #3: Nylon Pouch in Blue or Grey with Glasses, Shield and Tape. 


Cataract Kit #5: Value Tote in Royal or Navy with Glasses, Shield and Tape. 

Cat Kit 5

Cataract Kit #6: Canvas Tote with Glasses, Shield and Tape. 


Lasik Kit 6: Blue or Grey Pouch with Glasses and Dual Eye Shield

Lasik Kit 6

Lasik Kit 8: Canvas Tote with Glasses and Dual Eye Shield

Lasik Kit 8